1. Enterprise Member: Working on software development, provide IT services and training on software development field.
  2. Unit Member: Is any company, association or group of people who legally join the association.
  3. Honor Member: Is a individual who join the Association as an honor guest.

Unit member’s forms:

  • Common Member
  • Gold Member
  • Diamond Member


  • Any company/enterprise working on the IT industry, who respect the statement, regulation of the DSA and look forward to join the DSA is allowed to join the association.
  • If a company/enterprise want to be a member of the Association, there must be an agreement and a letter from the Executive Board of the Association.
  • With a member who want to leave the Association, only a letter to the Chairman of the Association is required, and all the works must be transfered properly.
  • Member who’s not following the regulation of the the Association will be removed from the Association if there’s agreement from at least 2/3 members of the Association.