DTT Technology Joint Stock

213 Nguyen Tat Thanh street, Thanh Binh ward, Danang, Vietnam
(+84) 236.388 8648
(+84) 236.388 8649

DTT Technology Group (DTT) was established in 2010 as a subsidiary of Digital Telecommunication JSC., founded in 2003, was inherited the whole experience, technology and customer of mother company.

DTT is a provider of closed and comprehenseive solutions and services in information technology – commnunication (ITC) for all customers over the world. With the motto of ethics, profestionalism and creativity, we create meaning working environment for employees, bring innovative value and super service for custumer, aim to enhance value for shareholders and respomsibility to community.

DTT from coming out into society has achiveved remarkable progress. The growth rate next year is always higher than the previous year and the number of employees increased constantly every year. Currently, DTT has offices in the US, Singapore and diversified customer system around the global. With operational strategy “bring the global knowledge to serve Vietnam, and put the resources of Vietnam provides the world market”, DTT desires to become the leading company in Vietnam and the region of quality service and operational efficiency in the knowledge based on IT.

In the international market, DTT is one of the first opearating companies in Vietnam on outsourcing since 2000. Our team off software engineers are certified by Camegie Mellon University (CMU) is daily effort to bring “effective outsourcing” for many large global customers following to formula A3*C3=ROO (A3=Abillity to adapt, Ability to scale, Ability do deliver; C3=Close Collaboration and Communication; ROO=Return On Outsourcing)

>In Vietnam market, DTT currently offers solutions for e-government and overall integrated solution for enterprises and organizations. Most ministries and agencies as well as major companies and large financial institutions in Vietnam have been a client of DTT. DTT is the lead unit collaboration deployment model public – private partnership (PPP) promote efficiency and quality of social infrastructure services such as Education, Health, Transport and Culture based on IT knowledge base.